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Getting Off-the-Grid Without Abandoning the 21st Century

Most of us are, to say the least, highly dependent on the amenities of modern living. In the age of smart phones, high-speed Internet, social media, countless appliances, and sleek new gadgets around every corner, technology (and therefore electricity) is a necessity of modern life. We like to surf the web, cook a hot meal, watch a little TV, take a hot bath, and climb into a warm bed at night. And who can blame us? We work hard, and we deserve a little comfort and entertainment after a long, tiresome day. Many of us have accepted, however, that living a modest, modern life just has to come at the cost of being dependent on the utility grid and purchasing a little coal-fired electricity.

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What IS Off-Grid Living?

We live in a fast-paced, complex, ever-changing reality that can be somewhat overwhelming at times. In the modern world of economic instability, fluctuating energy prices, geopolitical and religious conflict, and environmental threats, it can be easy to feel vulnerable and even fearful. For these reasons, more and more families are going off-grid to reclaim their independence and sense of lifestyle purity. But going off-grid does NOT have to be all “doom and gloom.” Many enthusiasts go off-grid for their own positive reasons, and thanks to innovations in renewable energy and housing design, a comfortable and modern off-grid lifestyle seems to be more attainable and affordable than ever.

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