OGG-Yin-Yang-1Off-Grid Gorilla features news and information about all things off-grid.  We take pride in focusing on the important, practical things – not politics – things that actually move you toward achieving independence and abundance of energy, water,  food, and modern comfort.  We believe that living off-the-grid does not necessarily mean abandoning the 21st Century.  Now more than ever it is not only possible, but practical to live off-the-grid, live sustainably, and continue to enjoy the technology and amenities of modern life.

Living off-the-grid can be incredibly challenging, but also very rewarding and satisfying.  Whether you’re moving off the grid to save your family, save the planet, save some money – or all of the above – we’re here to help you learn the world of going off-grid and help motivate you to achieve your own survival and sustainability goals.

Modern. Sustainable. Living.

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